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14 May 2019

Time: 10am

Room 2902, 29/f, prosperity centre, 25 chong yip street, ngau tau kok, kowloon


We cordially invite practicing CPAs to attend a seminar to introduce a useful auditing tool known as SSEP Auditing System; A system dedicated for SMPs in Hong Kong to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an audit and enhance the level of compliance of current auditing standard. 

About the Speaker

Mr. Chung is an experienced practicing CPA and a speaker at accounting and auditing subjects. He is also the author of “Sample Reporting Documents” and “Sample Auditor’s Reports”; two well-known series of reference books among the accounting industry.

about ssep auditing system:

SSEP is a comprehensive auditing system consisting of the following four components:-

  1. Sample Audit Manual (SAM) 
  2. Sample Audit Worksheets (SAW)
  3. Excel TB
  4. PracticePro
(Excel TB and PracticePro are two Windows application used to facilitate audit automation.)
It is designed to assist SMPs to comply with the latest accounting and auditing standards, cope with practice review and minimise compliance costs. 
Competitive advantages:
1. It is not only an audit manual or an audit automation software but also an auditing system catered for practice review.
2. Comply with Revised HKSAs and up-to-date accounting standards.
3. Save compliance cost and enhance competitiveness.
4. Flexible enough to migrate to your existing auditing system.
5. Two-third of total costs can be sponsored by technology voucher programme.
Other useful features:
1. Consultancy services on system migration and applying TVP sponsorship.
2. More than 100 document and worksheet templates.
3. More than 50 sample worksheets.
4. Fit for all FRFs issued by HKICPA (including SME-FRS, HKFRS for PE and HKFRSs).
5. Fit for all size of practices, standalone version (1 user only), NAS version (<=20 concurrent users), Express version (20 to 50 concurrent users); and SQL version (>50 concurrent users).
6. Provision of induction training courses and other technical courses.
7. Whatsapp support, on-call support and on-site support are all available.
8. Continuous upgrade for new accounting as well as auditing standards.
9. File level and server level security are available.

about TVP

TVP stands for Technology Voucher Programme, a regular Government funding programme to subsidise local companies in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes, in order to enhance their long-term competitiveness. A CPA practice may apply for this government funding to improve/upgrade its auditing system. 

combining ssep and tvp

We have successfully assisted 10+ CPA Practices to apply for TVP funding to instal SSEP auditing system. The speaker will tell you how to automate your auditing system and modernise your audit methodology at an affordable price. 

* Interested parties please feel free to register online leaving the required details to reserve a seat. We will serve a WhatsApp message to confirm your reservation request. 

Seats are limited and availble on first-come-first-served basis. Don’t miss this chance to advance your firm to cope with the 21st century challenges.

Should you have any enquiry, pleast contact Ms. Jenny Law at (852) 8198 7107 during office hour, thank you!