Mr. Steve Chung, CPA (Practising), MACC

Mr. Steve Chung is a practising CPA with more than thirty years of experience in auditing and accounting fields as well as a writer of technical subjects. He is specialised in technical update on accounting and related subjects. He had published the following e-books:

  • [x] Sample Reporting Documents Series;
  • [x] Sample Auditor’s Reports; and
  • [x] Practical Reference for various auditing standards. 

Automation of preparing audited financial statements is the dream of many CPAs. At this two-hour workshop, this dream may come true!


The facilitator will guide the attendants to prepare a full set of financial statements from the stretch to the final product. Every attendant will be provided a computer to experience preparing AFS with ExcelTB. The format of the financial statements may even be tailored for your own CPA firm. 

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