Mr. Steve Chung, CPA (Practising), MACC

Mr. Steve Chung is a practising CPA with more than thirty years of experience in auditing and accounting fields as well as a writer of technical subjects. He is specialised in technical update on accounting and related subjects. He had published the following e-books:

  • [x] Sample Reporting Documents Series;
  • [x] Sample Auditor’s Reports; and
  • [x] Practical Reference for various auditing standards.¬†

SSEP Auditing System is a comprehensive auditing system tailored for SMPs. It has the following features, viz:-

1. A comprehensive audit system comprising sample audit manual, sample audit worksheets, ExcelTB to automate certain audit procedures, and PracticePro to manage the audit files. 

2. Support all local financial reporting frameworks;

3. Comply with HKSQC 1 and all HKSAs;

4. Financial statements generator;

5. Continuous to upgrade;

6. Improve the quality and efficiency of an audit engagement; and

7. Even more…

At the experience class, every attendant will be provided a computer to access the system, including reviewing a completed audit case, browsing the worksheet templates and using sample generator. 

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to experience this great system!

Let us help you and your Practice
with our SSEP Auditing System!

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